Committee Chairs

HOP Board

Name Position
Dayna Buckley HOP Co-Chair
Nalini Luthra HOP Co-Chair
Alison Riquier HOP Fundraising Co-Chair
Colleen Whalen HOP Fundraising Co-Chair
Dee Tupta HOP Assistant Treasurer
Ojas Tamahane HOP Treasurer
Cristina Phaneuf HOP Secretary

2017 Auction

Name Position
Rachel Mandina Haynes Auction Co-Chair
Jaime Budzienski Haynes Auction Co-Chair
Jen Hunt Haynes Auction Co-Chair
Tracy Garozzo Haynes Auction Co-Chair

Back to School Night

Name Position
Cristina Phaneuf Back to School Night Chair

Bingo Night

Name Position
Karen Walper Bingo Night Co-Chair
 Christy Dunn Bingo Night Co-Chair
 Denise Forgie Bingo Night Co-Chair

Communication Liaison

Name Position
Nalini Luthra Communication Liaison

Community Service

Name Position
Geoff Riquier Community Service Co-Chair

Craft Centers

Name Position
Emily Amico 1st Grade Craft Center Co-Chair
OPEN 1st Grade Craft Center Co-Chair
Laura Broderick 2nd Grade Craft Center Co-Chair
OPEN 3rd Grade Craft Center Co-Chair
Michela Van Patten 3rd Grade Craft Center Co-Chair
Amy Tamilo 3rd Grade Craft Center Co-Chair

Cultural Arts Programs

Name Position
Devon Coyne Cultural Arts Program Co-Chair
Maggie Walsh Cultural Arts Program Co-Chair
Ojas Tamhane Cultural Arts Program Co-Chair

Dining Out Fundraiser

Name Position
Dee Tupta Dining Out Fundraiser Co-Chair
Jenn Stone Dining Out Fundraiser Co-Chair

Fall Book Fair

Name Position
Rory Richards Fall Book Fair Co-Chair
Jen Reinhard Fall Book Fair Co-Chair
Devon Coyne Fall Book Fair Co-Chair
Emily Amico Fall Book Fair Co-Chair

Festival Coordinator

Name Position
Jodi Sparks Festival Coordinator


Name Position
Dee Tupta K: Chicken Festival Co-Chair
Divya Narayan K: Chicken Festival Co-Chair
OPEN K: Chicken Festival Co-Chair
OPEN Grade 1: Japan Festival Co-Chair
OPEN Grade 1: Japan Festival Co-Chair
OPEN Grade 2: Mexico Festival Co-Chair
OPEN Grade 2: Mexico Festival Co-Chair
Cristina Phaneuf Grade 3: Colonial Festival Co-Chair
Heather Apse Grade 3: Colonial Festival Co-Chair
OPEN Grade 5: Science Investigations Co-Chair
OPEN Grade 5: Science Investigations Co-Chair

Field Day

Name Position
Yachun Lin Field Day Co-Chair
OPEN Field Day Co-Chair
OPEN Field Day Co-Chair

Fifth Grade Activities

Name Position
Jodi Sparks Fifth Grade Activities Co-Chair
Michela Van Patten Fifth Grade Activities Co-Chair
Laurie Butson Fifth Grade Activities Co-Chair

Gardens and Flowers

Name Position
Heather Halsey Gardens and Flowers Chair

Gift of Reading

Name Position
Jodi Sparks Gift of Reading Chair

Haynes Community Picnic

Name Position
Colleen Whalen Haynes Community Picnic Co-Chair
Jenn Stone Haynes Community Picnic Co-Chair
Stacy Munroe Haynes Community Picnic Co-Chair


Name Position
Alison Evans Hayneswear Co-Chair
OPEN Hayeswear Co-Chair


Name Position
Martha Goodsill Hospitality Co-Chair
Tiffany Kudravetz Hospitality Co-Chair

Library Book Fair

Name Position
Martha Goodsill Library Book Fair Co-Chair
OPEN Library Book Fair Co-Chair

METCO Liaisons

Name Position
Stefanie Reinhorn METCO Liaisons Co-Chair
Cate Gammons METCO Liaisons Co-Chair

New Family Orientation

Name Position
Dayna Buckley

New Family Orientation Co-Chair
Jodi Sparks New Family Orientation Co-Chair


Name Position
Adina Goodman Notepads, Directories & Magnets Chair

Online Shopping/Box Tops

Name Position
Mandy Sim Online Shopping/Box Tops Co-Coordinator

Room Parent Coordinator

Name Position
Michela Van Patten Room Parent Coordinator

School Directory Editor

Name Position
OPEN School Directory Co-Editor
OPEN School Directory Co-Editor

SchoolKidz School Supplies

Name Position
Adina Goodman Schoolkidz Co-Chair

School Photos

Name Position
Elena Reiner School Photos Co-Chair

School Improvement Council

Name Position
Amy Zidow School Improvement Council Member
OPEN School Improvement Council Member

Science Enrichment Programs

Name Position
Diane Beihagi Science Enrichment Co-Chair
Elena Reiner Science Enrichment Co-Chair
Kristen Boretti Science Enrichment Co-Chair

STEAM Carnival

Name Position
Lauren McIver STEAM Carnival Co-Chair
Jen Clarke STEAM Carnival Fair Co-Chair

Square One Art Fundraiser

Name Position
Lisa West  Square One Art Chair​
 Jaime Budzienski Square One Art Chair


Name Position
Heather Johnson Webmaster
Katie Kane Webmaster
Jennifer Kula Webmaster


Name Position
CariAnne Kreml Yearbook Editor


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