3rd Grade Colonial Festival Volunteers Needed!

The 3rd Grade Colonial Festival is on Wednesday morning, April 12th.

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Colonial Festival 2017

Date: April 12, 2017

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What Available Spots
Setup and Decorations: Help setup on the day of the festival and organize decorative items to make the room festive. All items are available from previous years' festivals. #1: Nidhi J.
#2: Deborah C.
#3: Cate G.
Bags and Tags: Help put name tags and student bags together for the day of the event. All work can be done at home, in the evenings, etc. #1: Kalah T.
Costume Coordinator: Organize children's colonial attire acquired from previous festivals to ensure we have what we need for each class this year. #1: Rosie N.
Feast: Collect necessary food items, prepare and serve snack to students. Items can be pre-prepared. Check menu with school nurse. #1: Mandy M.
#2: Sonya E.
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#4: Sign up »
Johnny Cakes: Collect ingredients and equipment for students to cook and enjoy Johnny cakes. Check ingredients with the school nurse. #1: Heidi V.
#2: Michael H.
#3: Susan D.
#4: Neil L.
Colonial Health: Work with an expert to share info about medical and dental health issues in Colonial times. Obtain materials for related activity such as making of herbal sachets or toothpaste. #1: Sign up »
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Tin Lantern Craft: Procure materials and facilitate making of tin lanterns. #1: Molly L.
#2: Patty V.
#3: Beth H.
#4: Christa D.
Quill Pen Writing: Procure materials and facilitate making of project. #1: Kelly P.
#2: Estel d.
#3: Joanne D.
Games: Organize and facilitate playing of games such as Skittles (bowling), shooting marbles, hopscotch, and hoop rolling. #1: Jen K.
#2: Kim K.
#3: Karla G.
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Constables: Interact with students, ask for papers. Put students in pretend stockade. In keeping with colonial times tradition, these roles have often been played by men. #1: Chris R.
#2: Brett P.
#3: Sean M.
#4: Kevin t.
#5: Jim G.
Town Crier: Ring bell to signal change of stations. Make various Colonial-style announcements. In keeping with colonial tradition, this role has often been played by a man. #1: Jason T.
Militia Host: On the day of the festival, serve as a host to a Sudbury Minuteman who will demonstrate the use of his musket. #1: Sign up »
Photographers: Take photos at the stockade, and of groups with the militia demonstration. After the festival, print group photos for each child to have as a reminder of the day. #1: Alison R.
Tour Guides: Mrs. Brannen. Tour guides will be expected to stay for 15-20 minutes after the festival to help clean up. #1: Elin W.
#2: Renee N.
#3: Emily A.
Tour Guides: Mr. G-B. Tour guides will be expected to stay for 15-20 minutes after the festival to help clean up. #1: Karen T.
#2: Yachun L.
#3: Deborah C.
Tour Guides: Mrs. Kenosian. Tour guides will be expected to stay for 15-20 minutes after the festival to help clean up. #1: Carrie M.
#2: Diane B.
#3: Anne M.
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