2nd Grade Craft – Pinatas

As part of the craft center, the second graders will be making pinatas at school to be used in their upcoming Mexico Festival!  There are a number of volunteer opportunities available to help with many aspects of this project.

1. Gathering Newspapers

This one is easy! Please sign up to collect your old newspapers over the next few weeks. We’ll be making three piñatas per class, so we need all the newspaper we can get! Newspaper drop off before March 25 to Michela Van Patten’s House or arrange for pick up.


2.  Pinata Making/Decorating – Day One and Day Two

The piñata making is divided into two parts. The pinata making will be done on Thursday, March 30th at school – this is when the kids will create the piñatas. The second date is Thursday, April 13th, and this is when the kids will be decorating the piñatas. We’ll do two classes at a time and you can sign up for just the time your child’s class will be there:

Sign-up to volunteer for something that fits your schedule.  We appreciate your help!

Current Sign-up Sheets

Title Date Open Spots  
2nd Grade Pinata Craft N/A 31
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