About HOP

HOP is the Haynes Organization of Parents: an organization of parents and guardians of children attending the Josiah Haynes School. We interact with teachers, professional and administrative staff of the school; we foster, enrich and otherwise support the educational programs and related activities conducted by the school; we present cultural and science programs and activities that aid and supplement the curriculum; and we raise money to fund professional development programs, technology purchases, classroom supplies, playground equipment and much, much more.

We NEED YOU in order for HOP to continue!

HOP is run 100% by volunteers, and we need your help to keep it going!  Now more than ever we need you to reach out and get involved, no experience necessary!

We are looking in particular to fill the following key roles starting in June 2022:

  • HOP Co-Chairs (two year role)
    • Collaborate with Principal LaBroad and Superintendent Crozier to represent and support our community
    • Work together with other Board members to oversee HOP and manage budget
    • Work to recruit and coordinate among various committee members and volunteers
    • Coordinate with staff how best to support educational programs and related school activities and to supplement curriculum with cultural and science enrichment and grade-level programs
    • Arrange staff appreciation gestures
    • Help plan inclusive and fun community activities and events
  • Fundraising Co-Chair (two year role)
    • Work together with Co-Chairs and other Board members and attend regular meetings
    • Work with second year Fundraising Co-Chair to find fun ways to raise money to fulfill purpose of HOP to fund enrichment programs and support staff with professional development, innovative classroom materials and more
  • Cultural Arts and Science Enrichment Coordinators
    • Coordinators work directly with Haynes and HOP to select and bring award-winning performers and whole school enrichment programs to our students, as well as to coordinate grade-level, curriculum-based, enrichment activities

So many opportunities to have a direct and lasting impact at Haynes!

Please reach out to HOP Co-Chairs with any questions or to express interest in any role. Look forward to hearing from you!


If you own/work for an area business that would like to advertise to our community, as well as support HOP, consider placing an ad in our school directory. Our families use the directory to stay in touch with each other throughout the year. Advertising in the directory also allows the Haynes community to show their support for businesses that support Haynes. If you would like to learn more, please email HOP Fundraising Co-Chairs.


HOP has a closed group Facebook page for our parents, guardians, teachers and staff. Using your Facebook account, search for “HOP” to join the group (You will see a profile picture of the school).

This page is intended to supplement the newsletter and our website, so be sure to read the newsletter as your main source of school news. We hope to create an even bigger sense of community with this page to give caregivers another place to ask questions, send updates on events and interact with one another.