We are excited to announce that we will be having a special ONLINE HAYNES AUCTION which will run Thursday, October 21st at 9am until Sunday Oct 24th at 9pm!

The theme of the auction is Collecting Moments so we are offering one-of-a-kind experiences that will create memories for a lifetime for your student! The community of Haynes and beyond have rallied to create some exciting opportunities to collect memories for your student through:

  • Fun after school activities with their teachers such as Movies and Snacks or Mini-Golf!
  • VIP Experiences for Haynes Events such as Haunted Haynes, Movie Night and Bingo Night where your student will have the opportunity to receive special treatment and a true VIP experience!
  • Police officer escort to schoolTalk about a photo op and memory that will last a lifetime!
  • As a group of parents, we can rally together for $20 a family, get the opportunity for Mr. I the gym teacher to pick students to be Gym Teacher for ½ the day! Every kid in the school will be able to have this opportunity so it is an opportunity to give a communal gift for our students!
  • Lincoln Sudbury Varsity Sport Experiences for your youth athlete which include going into the locker room prior to a game, sitting on the bench with the team during the game and other fun ways to make your student feel like the special guest of the game!
  • Most highly sought after camps experiences such as Sewataro and LEAP!

Given this is the first time that we are holding an online auction, it is a great opportunity to share with family members such as grandparents who can take part from near and far in winning a LIFETIME MEMORY for their Haynes Student!

View all items on our auction website!



The Haynes Auction will take place on May 14, 2022 at Sandy Burr Country Club!

Did you know that the Haynes Auction is the largest fundraiser that raises money for HOP to bring one-of-a-kind science and cultural arts enrichment programs to the school each year? Including Grammy award winning performers and live weather demonstrations among so many other wonderful opportunities to provide hands on learning?

The Haynes Auction is a great social gathering and opportunity for the Haynes community of parents to enjoy a night of dinner, dancing and raising money for the many special activities our children enjoy throughout the year.

While this year’s spring auction may seem far away, our Auction Co-Chairs are already hard at work and need your help to make this event a success!

Please put on your creative hat and think about what talent, service or product you might have to offer or if you have a connection to a business that would be willing to donate. Donations from the Haynes community are priceless and no donation is too small!

We would love help with donations and some of our most popular that we are in need of are:

  • Second homes you are willing to donate for a week or weekend
  • Donation of sporting event or show tickets
  • Donation of a commissioned painting an artist – perhaps that’s you or someone you know!
  • Donation of a Themed Dinner hosted at your home
  • If you’re a hobbyist – jewelry maker, furniture maker, we’d love a donation of a one of a kind piece!
  • If you are an enthusiast and would like to donate a private showing, tasting (Beer, Whiskey, etc) or class – experiences are always very popular!

Help in collecting donations are also needed – so if you can think of a business you frequent and are able to ask if they’d like to donate we would love the help! For all donations, please share that the Haynes Organization of Parents, Inc. is a tax exempt organization under Sec. 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Tax ID #04-3335381

Please contact either Alicia Larkin (Alicia.larkin @ or Jen O’Rourke (jenj1003 @ if you’re able to donate or would like to volunteer for the auction!