The Haynes Auction will take place on May 14, 2022 at Sandy Burr Country Club!

Did you know that the Haynes Auction is the largest fundraiser that raises money for HOP to bring one-of-a-kind science and cultural arts enrichment programs to the school each year? Including Grammy award winning performers and live weather demonstrations among so many other wonderful opportunities to provide hands on learning?

The Haynes Auction is a great social gathering and opportunity for the Haynes community of parents to enjoy a night of dinner, dancing and raising money for the many special activities our children enjoy throughout the year.

Haynes Auction tickets NOW ON SALE 

Early bird pricing until April 15th

*Auction will take place Saturday, May 14th, 7pm at Sandy Burr*

Be sure to get your tickets before April 15th to benefit from early bird pricing of $75 per ticket (increases to $85 starting April 16th):

Click HERE to buy Haynes 2022 Auction Ticket

Did someone say Antigua and Barbados…a personalized message from actor Chris Evans…AND SO MUCH MORE!  Full list and description of auction items at Haynes Auction Catalog.

Hope you will join us for a memorable night of dinner and dancing and the opportunity to bid on INCREDIBLE experiences and items to raise money for enrichment programs for our students!

Please note the ticket price covers the cost of hosting our event including venue, food, decorations, and entertainment, as well as our website and software needed to run the auction. By covering our costs with the ticket price, ALL money raised by the auction itself goes directly to HOP to support cultural and science enrichment programs that benefit all of the students at Haynes

Please contact either Alicia Larkin (Alicia.larkin @ or Jen O’Rourke (jenj1003 @ if you’re able to donate or would like to volunteer for the auction!

***Seeking Wine Pull Donations*** 

We are excited to bring back the wine pull for this year’s Haynes Auction! Along with donations from local stores, we rely on donated bottles from our community! We are looking for any type of wine at a price point of $20 or more. If you are willing to donate a bottle, please email Jess Wells at to arrange drop off or pick up. Thank you in advance for your help with this fun event!