Community Service



THEME: Crazy Hat & Hair Day

For those who are new to Haynes, we have the privilege of contributing to our local Food Pantry. One Friday per month, we collect and deliver items to the Food Pantry. We usually have a theme of the day and the class with the most donations earns some sort of prize/privilege.  Our last food pantry was in June. The June food drive yielded 5,231 items of food and personal care products. We finished the 2017-2018 school year with a record 56,023 items collected. This was 1,321 more items than the previous year, an increase of 2.4%.  Through July, the Food Pantry served 1,683 family visits providing food for 5,032 family members, of which 33.2% were under 18.  The need is there, and without the continued support of the Sudbury Elementary School Community, we would not be able to meet the demand.

September 14 School Drive Wish List

  • Plastic sandwich bags, food storage bags!! (Cannot be purchased with food stamps) 
  • Toilet paper & paper towels!! (Cannot be purchased with food stamps)
  • Canned Soup —especially Progresso & Campbell’s Chunky hearty soups. 
  • Pasta:  All types.  Some lasagna noodles always appreciated. 
  •  BOXED Cold cereals — all types !!!
  • Flavored BOXED rice
  • BOXED scalloped potato, Hamburger Helper, taco shells
  •  Can and Boxed Broth (beef, chicken and vegetable)
  •  Condiments (like salad dressing, salsa, oil, mayo, pickles, olives, mustard)
  •  Cake & Brownie Mixes
  •  Baby Wipes & Baby cereal
  •  Any non-expired items you choose contribute (not on this short list) is of course always welcome.

Please send in your brown paper bags to distribute the food to clients.  (Please no plastic bags).