Photo Day is 10/5/21

Photo Day is Tues, 10/5; Rain Date: Fri, 10/8

Start getting your outfits ready, Haynes Photo Day is Tuesday, October 5th!

In the event of bad weather, the Rain Date is Friday, October 8th.

Order Photo Packages on or before October 1st —


  1. Enter your child’s name (Be sure to select the correct name if multiple names appear in the search)
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Password field is NOT required
  4. If you have multiple children at the school, you will need to create a separate order for each child so the photographer can identify and match your child’s photo with your orders.

NOTE: If you order ahead of time to get the discounted pricing and are not happy with your child’s photo, a retake date will be offered (with full refund if you can’t make the retake date).

Print / Package Options and Discounts (Available for Pre-Orders ONLY)

  1. Discounted PRE-ORDERING is available up to and including October 1st – if you forget or miss this window, website will be reopened with higher standard pricing after all pre-order packages have shipped
  2. There are three tabs at the top of the order page (Packages / Prints / Products) — most popular and best value items are the Packages, some individual print items and/or high-resolution digital download options available as well
  3. All Packages include a 5×7 Class Photo
  4. FREE SHIPPING is automatically applied to your order for the following Packages: C+, D+, E+, F+
  5. If you have more than one child at Haynes, there is a Second Sibling FREE SHIPPING available. You must ADD “PACKAGE S” to your order for the Sibling Discount to be applied
  6. All initial orders will be sent directly to the address you enter on the order form.


Photographer Tips for Outfits

“There are no rules for outfits (within reason), but in our experience, muted tones will always work best in photos. The backdrop our photographers are working with will be green and brown trees and vegetation. Collared shirts or blouses with a jacket or cardigan work well too. Some things to avoid are super bright, bold, strong colors, big patterns, logos etc. But these are only suggestions and of course, ultimately, we want your students to have fun, and to feel comfortable and happy.”

Photographer will take care of submitting photos for yearbook.