Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 9/7/2020

Who was Josiah Haynes?

Deacon Josiah Haynes was born June 4, 1696 and died April 19, 1775. He was a descendent of Walter Haynes, one of the original settlers of Sudbury. He was a farmer, a deacon of the church and an ardent patriot.

What are the school hours?

School is in session from 7:55 AM-2: 25 PM. On early release Wednesdays, school is dismissed at 11:45 PM. The school doors open in the morning at 7:45 AM. Parents may not drop children off earlier than 7:45 AM since there is no supervision for the children. Students who arrive after 7:55 AM will be marked tardy.

Who do I call if my child is absent?

You should notify the school’s absentee line whenever your child is expected to be absent or tardy. Please call 978-443-1093 ext.2 prior to 7:45 AM with the student’s name, teacher’s name, date, and reason for absence/tardiness. Phone messages are crosschecked with the teacher’s absentee reports when the daily attendance has been received in the office. For any absent student without a phone message or previous notice, a call will be placed to the parents, either at home or at work, to verify the absence. In the event that the school cannot reach a parent, the emergency numbers previously provided by the parent will be contacted. If no emergency contact can be reached to verify a child’s absence, the Sudbury police department will assist in locating the missing child.

What are ILAP days?

Early release ILAP (“Improved Learning for All Plan”) Wednesdays are scattered throughout the school year. These afternoons are designated for teacher professional development, parent-teacher conferences and class placement meetings. On early release Wednesdays, school is dismissed at 11:45 PM.

How do I drop-off/pick-up my child at school?

Further information about drop off and pickup procedures TBD

How do I get a bus pass for my child?

If your child would like to ride the bus to school, you must fill out a transportation form available on the SPS website. Elementary students who live more than 2 miles from their school are offered transportation without a fee; those students within a 2-mile radius are required to pay a fee.

Where do I find my bus stop location and schedule?

Bus routes and stops are determined by the SPS Transportation Office. The bus schedule and stop information is available online on the SPS website.

How do I find something my child left on the bus?

For items left on the bus, please contact bus dispatch directly at (978) 443-8631.

Can my child buy lunch at school?

Yes, the cafeteria at Haynes is operated by Whitsons Culinary Group. The breakfast and lunch menu changes each month. The menus are listed on the homepage of the HOP website. Families can establish an online meal payment account with My School Bucks. You will need your child’s meal code number in order to fund his/her online account. Your child’s code can be obtained from the SPS Food Service Coordinator.

Does the school provide snacks?

No, children should bring their own snacks and drinks to school each day, in addition to their lunch. Your classroom teacher will let you know if the children will have more than one snack-time per day and will also notify you of classroom allergies. Please do not send in snacks that contain any of the classroom allergens and instruct your children to refrain from choosing items from their lunch for snack if such items may contain classroom allergens.

What are school meetings and when are they held?

Monday mornings (8:00-8:15 AM) and Friday afternoons (1:45-2:15 PM) the students, staff and administration of Haynes gather together at school-wide meetings, hosted by fifth grade students. The Monday morning school meeting typically includes recognition of birthdays, sharing of trivia questions and a focus on core values through “words of wisdom” readings. The Friday afternoon meetings are varied, and include professional performers, class plays, sing-alongs and student performances. Haynes students are expected to enter the room quietly, respond appropriately throughout the meeting and leave without talking. Parents and staff are expected to model this behavior. Parents and siblings are welcome to attend school meetings.

What is back to school night?

Parents and guardians are invited to attend a general school informational meeting in September. During this evening, parents have an opportunity to meet with their child’s teacher to learn about grade-level curriculum, the teacher’s expectations and goals for the children, and to gather insight into the details of their child’s daily school routine. Special subject area teachers are also available to meet parents. This evening is designed as an informational night, and is not an appropriate venue to discuss individual student concerns or progress. Parents are asked to attend without their children. Many teachers give parents the opportunity to sign up for fall conferences or other classroom activities during Back to School Night – so bring your personal calendar along!

What specialists will my child see?

Children in grades 1-5 will generally have one specialist visit per day, to include Spanish, Library, P.E., Art and Music. Children in kindergarten will also have one specialist visit per day, to include Library, P.E. and Music.

How do I get a school directory?

Each year, HOP publishes a school directory listing names, addresses and telephone numbers of Haynes’ students, as well as class lists and other helpful school-related contact information. Parents will receive instructions for the directory via email. Inclusion in the directory is completely voluntary. Hard copies of the directory, along with an electronic app, will be available for purchase at the beginning of the year and thereafter through the front office. A reminder to all parents that the directory should only be used for purposes related to Haynes, its student body and its faculty/staff, and may not be used for any commercial solicitations.

What are MCAS?

As part of the Education Reform Act of 1993, the State Board of Education instituted a system of student assessments beginning in Grade 3 that culminates in a must pass assessment in Grade 10 in order to graduate from high school. The Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) requires students to participate in testing in the areas of Reading, English and Language Arts, Writing, Mathematics, and Science. The purpose of this assessment was to determine the progress individual students had made in acquiring the knowledge and skills as outlined in Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.

It is important to remember that all of these assessments are only part of the story about what students know and can do. A variety of other formative grade level assessments are used during the year, including benchmark tests, projects and activities, and unit assessments – all of which inform instruction and the interventions that will help students succeed. It is a way for our school to look at our curriculum and instruction and ensure that it is aligned with the state’s learning frameworks. Please reassure your students that they have the skills and strategies to be successful!

Can I give my teacher a gift?

It is the policy of the School Committee to discourage the giving of gifts to teachers and administrators. Donations in a teacher’s name may be made at each of the schools through SERF and the PTO’s. Money received in such a manner is used to purchase library books, prints of artwork and other items that benefit the entire school. Massachusetts Law limits the amount of any personal gift a staff member may receive to $50 from an individual. (Collecting contributions from a group of parents to present as a class gift to a teacher is limited to $150 and cannot identify participating parents – it must be from the “class”). However, the monetary limit is not applicable if the gift from an individual or group is for the classroom, such as student materials, books or other similar items.

Is there band and orchestra at Haynes?

Students may elect to begin violin, viola, cello or string bass in fourth grade (and may continue through fifth grade). After renting an instrument from a local shop with string instrument expertise, the students take once-weekly group lessons for 45 minutes during the school day. Weekly assignments encourage students to explore music on their own and require 15 minutes of practicing, four or five days per week. The year culminates in a Stringfest in May, where all students join together to display the amazing musical growth they have achieved during the year!

Band lessons are offered to students in Grade 5. Students may elect to study a woodwind (flute, oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone), brass (trumpet, french horn, trombone, baritone), or percussion (snare drum) instrument. They attend a 45-minute group lesson once a week during the school day and support their learning at home by practicing 15 minutes per day, four or five days per week. During the school year, students experience and perform music from every period of time–from Medieval and Renaissance music to the Modern and Pop Culture music of today. In the process, students build a solid foundation for reading and interpreting music notation and symbols, and they learn to produce a musically acceptable tone on their instrument. Students are expected to perform in two band concerts with all of the fifth-grade band students. Individual performances at school meetings and community gatherings are encouraged but not required.

Further information about band and orchestra can be found on the SPS website.

When is chess club?

Chess club is held at Haynes on Wednesday mornings at 7:45 AM with FIDE and National Chess Master Valery Frenklakh. All ages and levels are welcome. Fee varies per semester depending on the number of sessions. Questions or requests for further information can be directed to