Gifts to Teachers and Staff – Wishlists

The season of giving thanks is upon us.  To guide you in any gift-giving, so we have included the SPS Gifting Policy as seen in the Parent Handbook on the SPS website:

It is the policy of the School Committee to discourage the giving of gifts to teachers and administrators. Donations in a teacher’s name may be made at each of the schools through SERF and the PTO’s. Money received in such a manner is used to purchase library books, prints of artwork and other items that benefit the entire school. Massachusetts Law limits the amount of any gift a staff member may receive to $50 from an individual or a group. Collecting contributions from a group of parents to present as a gift to a teacher would be restricted by the $50 limit. The limit is not applicable if the gift from an individual or group is for the classroom, such as student materials, books or other similar items. The difference is whether the gift is a personal gift for the teacher or staff member or for the classroom or students.

Below, we are including the links to Teacher and Staff Wishlists. These items are separate from what is considered a personal gift to staff as these wishlists define items directed toward the classroom. To navigate these wishlists, select the teacher or staff member from one of the bottom tabs on the spreadsheet.  

Classroom/grade-level Teachers:

Specials Teachers/Staff:

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