Looking for ideas to keep busy the next few weeks?

This is a challenging time for us all as we are home trying to keep the kids happy, healthy, and developing. We can support each other as a Haynes community!

Here are a few ideas we heard from you on how to keep our kiddos busy at home:

  • Have your kids make an idea list of things they want to know more about. 
  • Cook/Bake (check out this recipe just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!) link to:  https://haynespto.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Screen-Shot-2020-03-16-at-9.35.31-PM.png
  • Online Museum Online Virtual Tours (link to: https://artsandculture.google.com/partner?hl=en&tab=pop)
  • Get Creative! For the younger kiddos, homemade play-do can encourage creativity. 
  • Connect with others! Skype or Facetime your Haynes friends or simply pick up the phone. 
  • Scavenger Hunt. Create one for your kids and then let them create their own! 
  • Have your kid create a small play. Have them write it and perform for you.
  • Have your child write in a diary about what days are like in this crazy time!  This act is important for adults too as it let’s our brains know there will be a time when we can reflect back on the past, when we are in more normal times.
  • Mrs. Brannen shared with her first graders a link to her sister’s website. This page has daily prompts for creating art each day! https://www.sarahbrannen.com/storymarch
  • Podcasts! Some favorites are NPR’s Wow in the World, Brains On, Smash Boom Best

Uncertain times are hard for all but we can get through this together. Please share any further suggestions on the HOP facebook page!  

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