LS and SPS Start Time Subcommittees Update

The LS and SPS School Committees are continuing their work together in looking at appropriate school start times to reflect recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics with implementation expected in September 2020. Recent developments include the SPS School Start Time Subcommittee presentation March 18 to the SPSC found here: as well as on Sudbury TV here.  SPS School Start Time Subcommittee, comprised of a diverse group of stakeholders including parents, teachers, administrators and safety personnel included the results of the recent parent, teacher and staff Start Time surveys as well as input from our fellow Subcommittee at LS.

Currently both districts have secured Transfinder Corporation to provide analysis on our current bus routes with respect to possible changes in bell times, while also identifying where efficiencies may be realized in the current routes.  The School Bell & Route Efficiency Report should be available in May and will inform next steps for our Subcommittees.  Our work is ongoing, and we welcome input from parents, students, staff, and community members.  We can be reached at sstsc@sudbury.k12.ma.us and schoolcom@lsrhs.net

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