New to Haynes/Back to School

Whether it is the start of a new school year or you are new to Haynes, there is a lot to know and a lot of forms to complete. Information provided on this page is intended to get you started. Please keep in mind, forms need to be completed at the start of each school year even if all your information remains the same.


This year Sudbury Public Schools moved its traditional “back to school forms” from paper to electronic submission through the Aspen Family Portal. Access to the electronic forms, along with students’ class placements. If you haven’t already, please be sure to log in to the Aspen Family Portal, where you will be able to see your child(ren)’s classroom teacher assignment. You’ll also need to complete the following for each child attending Haynes this year:

  • Update/confirm emergency contact information
  • Submit daily dismissal plans
  • Update health information (including medication permissions)
  • Grant permissions for use of technology, publications and HOP directory information sharing

Until such permission is given, it will be assumed that permission is denied. Timely completion of first day packets through the Aspen Family Portal will enhance student safety and access to resources.

For more on how to complete your back to school packet on the Aspen Family Portal, click here. If you experience difficulty logging into the ASPEN Family Portal, click here for the Aspen Family Portal FAQ page.

Families with children entering Kindergarten or who are new to Haynes received a USPS mailing with their placement information. These students are asked to return the green hard copy dismissal plan to school no later than the first day of school.