HOP Newsletter

The HOP Newsletter is sent out from the Haynes Organization of Parents (HOP) to the families of students and Haynes staff. It is a bi-weekly newsletter which alternates with the Haynes Happening emails. The HOP newsletter should arrive in your email inbox via the Haynes AtoZ Connect platform. If you have any questions or concerns specifically about receiving newsletter, please contact webmaster@haynespto.org.

How To Subscribe to HOP Newsletter

To subscribe to receive the HOP Newsletter, please submit your information via the AtoZ platform (atozconnect.com).

The AtoZ platform is a school directory published each fall containing student and parent/guardian names, street addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.  The directory also has a teacher and staff directory, class lists, and more. The AtoZ platform is how the HOP newsletter is sent to you.


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HOP Newsletter Submission Guidelines

To submit or request content to the HOP Website you only need submit your information to one source: webmaster@haynespto.org.

Submissions are accepted for publication on the website up until Wednesday at noon for the newsletter sent the following Friday. Please note that content submitted MUST be relevant to the Haynes Organization of Parents events. We are NOT a news outlet, or advertising agency for other organizations.

  • Provide your name and the group/event.
  • Include your content in the body of the email or attach it as a Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF document.
  • Specify if you wish to include content in the HOP newsletter or solely on the website.


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