HOP Newsletter

The HOP Newsletter is sent biweekly by the Haynes Organization of Parents (HOP) to the families of students and Haynes staff and contains important school updates. 

If you have any questions or concerns specifically about receiving newsletter, please contact HaynesHopCoChairs@gmail.com 

Subscribe to HOP Communications

The AtoZ platform is how you receive HOP communications, so please take a moment to update your family’s contact info:

  1. Go to atozconnect.com. Create an account if you’ve never logged in before!
  2. Under “My Account”, update your name, address, email, etc.
  3. Save! That’s it!

HOP Directory

AtoZ also hosts our online school directory. Get yours!

1.) Purchase your online directory access from the Webstore.

2.) Download the Membership Toolkit app to view the directory. Create an account if you’re a first time user.

Questions? Contact HOPdirectoryservices@gmail.com.