Science Enrichment Programs


To provide to the Haynes children science-based programs that augment the grade-level science curriculum, based on Massachusetts educational frameworks. Our aim is to give the children unique hands-on experiences that allow them to further explore concepts taught in the classrooms. Our programs focus on: electricity, animals, chemistry, lights and lasers, machines, astronomy, sea life, rocks and minerals, insects, weather, and physical science.

5th Grade Science Investigations

Posted on: February 27th, 2017 by webmaster
The 5th grade Science Investigations will be  Wednesday, March 22 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. This fun, curriculum-based festival is the last grade-wide festival experience for our Haynes 5th graders. Volunteers are needed to run activity stations, put together a mystery, be a photographer, and help with setup/cleanup. Click HERE to view all volunteer opportunities.
Don’t miss the chance to guide and observe our budding scientists as they don their lab coats and explore these areas of science: Solid or Liquid; Journey Through the Solar System; Brilliant Light; Traveling Sounds; Generations of Traits; It’s Electric and Magnetic!; and Rocks, Minerals and Soil.
There is NO science background needed to help with this festival. For each station, Holly Estes, Sudbury’s Science Coordinator, will provide materials and guidance. We need many volunteers to make this a successful festival for our 5th graders, so please volunteer today. Join us and see how much fun science can be!

Electricity Show and Circuits workshops in Fourth Grade

Posted on: November 28th, 2016 by science enrichment

On November 1, fourth graders were invited to participate in the Electricity Show presented by Tom Wahle of Techsploration and funded courtesy of HOP. The students saw a demonstration of an electric charge, learned how to create an electric circuit and acted as electrons during electric attraction / repulsion. They learned how to build a battery with household materials and stay safe during lightning and around electrical outlets. Ask your child about the experiments they saw (Tesla Coil and Van de Graaff generator).

Following the Electricity Show, fourth grade classes participated in the hands on Circuits Workshop with Mr. Wahle. The students worked with conductors / insulators, open / closed circuits, and electromagnets. A great time of exploration and learning was had by all!

The Science of Weather

Posted on: November 28th, 2016 by science enrichment

On November 2, Tom Wahle of Techsploration presented the Science of Weather show to Fifth Grade (funded courtesy of HOP). First, he demonstrated that air takes up space, has weight and that it moves from high pressure to low pressure. Ask your student how he did these experiments! He talked about weather fronts, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Using a Van de Graff generator, Mr. Wahle demonstrated the concepts of electricity and illustrated how lightning bolts are formed.

Plant Program in Grade 4

Posted on: November 28th, 2016 by science enrichment

On October 18, Massachusetts Horticultural Society Plantmobil program visited Fourth Grade. The students reviewed the parts of the plants and their functions (roots, stem, leaves, flower), then dissected their own alstromeria flowers to locate each part. Looking inside the flowers, the students found ova, and connected the flower to the life cycle of the plant. Finally, the students worked in groups to examine terraria filled with plants from different habitats (tropical, desert, wetland, forest) to describe the adaptations of plants to each environment.