5th Grade Activity Chairs 2019-20

Calling All Fifth Grade Parents

It’s hard to believe that our kids will be graduating from Haynes. It’s seems not that long ago we were preparing for the Chicken Festival.

We have a fun-filled year ahead of us with many 5th grade events. It takes a village to pull this off and we’d like to invite all 5th grade families to participate and help us make this a truly memorable year.

2019-2020 5th Grade Activities include:

Movie Night – November 21st
This is a very popular fundraiser that benefits 5th Grade events and is held on
the Thursday of fall book fair. A team of volunteers will organize the event which
includes picking the movie, organizing ticket and snack sales etc. The book fair is
organized by other people so that is not the responsibility of the 5th Grade

School Store – Tuesdays and Thursdays Mid January -Mid February
Fundraiser for 5th Grade events held 2 mornings a week selling cool trinkets. If
you have a background in marketing and do not want to do mornings, you can
volunteer to help students make posters advertising school store

Car Wash – May 9th (May 16th Rain Date)
Organize a group of parent and 5th grade student volunteers to operate a bake
sale and car wash to raise funds for 5th Grade activities

Fun Night – TBD in June
Organize a safe and fun graduation party for the class of 2020 at the school

Moving-On Ceremony TBD in June
This is the 5th Grade Graduation. It includes the actual ceremony in the
auditorium and a celebratory brunch in front of the school. Starting this year, we
are fortunate to have a group of 4th Grade parents who will organize the brunch
and host the event. The teachers spearhead the actual ceremony. Our 5th grade
volunteer parents will primarily coordinate with the teachers and the 4th grade
parents to ensure everything is going smoothly. Serving as the communication
link between the teams.

We’ve had interest from some folks already to organize many of the events. But if you are interested in helping with any of the above events please sign up to be a Chair/Organizer of the Event. We can then divvy up the tasks for each event. The more help the better!

Questions/Suggestions please reach out to any of us.


5th Grade Activities Co-Chairs

Lisa Croce, Stephanie Lapat, and Nalini Luthra

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  What Name
Movie Night Chair - November 21st #1: Amy S.
  #2: Judy P.
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School Store Chair - Tuesdays and Thursday Mid January -Mid February #1: Valerie H.
 #2: Sign up »
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Car Wash Chair - May 9th (May 16th Rain Date) #1: Russ H.
  #2: Lior V.
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 Fun Night Chair - TBD in June #1: Katie K.
  #2: Kristen B.
 Moving-On Ceremony Chair - TBD in June #1: Dayna B.
  #2: Tracy G.