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It’s time to start planning for one of the most anticipated Haynes traditions….
If you are interested in co-chairing the Colonial, Mexico, Japan or Chicken Festival as part one of these great Haynes traditions, please contact Festival Coordinator Rory Richards.
Each grade-level festival has templates for how they run, time schedules, set-up notes, and all the activities have directions and supply lists, as well as decorations that are saved and available year-to-year for set up.
If you are interested but have questions about what co-chairing involves, please reach out to Festival Coordinator Rory Richards. for more information.
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  What Name
Co-Chair 3rd Grade: Colonial Festival - March 20th #1: Sally N.
  #2: natali c.
  #3: Laura B.
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 Co-Chair 2nd Grade: Mexico Festival - April 24th #1: Kathy G.
  #2: Emily A.
  #3: Ashwini D.
  #4: Martha G.
Co-Chair 1st Grade: Japan Festival- May 15th #1: Jessica J.
  #2: Tiffany K.
  #3: Dee T.
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 Co-Chair Kindergarten: Chicken Festival- June 6th #1: Anne J.
  #2: Jenny H.
  #3: Angela G.
  #4: Joanna S.