Field Day Signup (Kindergarten – 2nd)

Date: May 27, 2022

Volunteers will arrive at 8:00 for an 8:25 opening ceremony to help with set up and running the activities until 10:35 am.

You will receive further information and details of the activity on the day of Field Day.

Thank you very much for helping us make this event a success.

*****PLEASE NOTE: if you receive a confirmation email regarding your sign-up selection, your sign-up has gone through on the sheet and is communicated to organizers.  It make take several hours for your sign-up to appear on the sheet.*****

Sign up below...

  What Name
  What Name
 Building Relay: Tower building race with blocks. #1: Lara U.
  #2: Lyndsay R.
 Fill The Bucket: Run game to fill buckets with sponges as quickly as possible. #1: Kristen B.
  #2: J or A G.
 Yard Games #1: Anne J.
  #2: Jessica W.
 Parachute Games: Lead fun parachute games in the gym. #1: Lauren F.
  #2: Charles M.
 Obstacle Course #1: Rachael M.
  #2: Anne Y.
 Sack Relay: Lead traditional sack relay race. #1: Jenny H.
  #2: Lisa M.
 Starwars pinball #1: Katie F.
  #2: Bridget R.
 Tire Pull: Students pull tires across the field relay style. #1: Robert J.
  #2: Julie D.
 Check In Table and Popsicles: Check in volunteers and distribute popsicles. Please note this station starts at 7:50 a.m. #1: Vanessa B.
  #2: Amanda Q.
 Floater: Help with games as needed. #1: Laura B.
  #2: Tiffany K.
 Photographer #1: Margie C.
  #2: Jill C.